A Story from Easter: He Has Risen

There is a mouse under the sink

Little mouse turds around in the kitchen drawers

It is raining, storming

The refrigerator

has gone to the dump

Donald's back

has brought him to bed for several months

He can't move

The war is skidding to an 'end'

Who wants to kill anything.

Buy two mousetraps

                       and leave them    unset

around in conspicuous places

I think it's gone away.     One day

I take the peanut oil from under the sink

The top is gone.

Inside the peanut oil

is the body of a mouse.

Oh!     too horrible

Look     look at this!

I put it outside the back door

The top of the bottle is really very narrow

He wiggled in head first

He can't back out

He's drowned    but preserved

He's in his oil tomb for two weeks

On Easter day I look at the bottle

He has risen

               to the top

Donald            now walks


Buries mouse next day.

Bibliographical info

Joanne Kyger, "A Story from Easter: He Has Risen" from About Now: Collected Poems. Copyright © 2017 by the Estate of Joanne Kyger.

Source: About Now: Collected Poems (National Poetry Foundation, University of Maine, 2007)

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