In That Other Fantasy Where We Live Forever

Wanda Coleman

we were never caught


we partied the southwest, smoked it from L.A. to El Dorado

worked odd jobs between delusions of escape

drunk on the admonitions of parents, parsons & professors

driving faster than the road or law allowed

our high-pitched laughter was young, heartless &


authority. we could be heard for miles in the night


across the Grand Canyon of new manhood

womanhood discovered

like the first sighting of Mount Wilson


we rebelled against the southwestern wind


we got so naturally ripped, we sprouted wings,

crashed parties on the moon, and howled at the earth


we lived off love. it was all we had to eat


when you split you took all the wisdom

and left me the worry

Bibliographical info

Wanda Coleman, "In That Other Fantasy Where We Live Forever" from Mercurochrome: New Poems. Copyright © 2001 by Wanda Coleman. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


Source: Mercurochrome: New Poems (Black Sparrow Press, 2001)





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