Atlantic Canada Curriculum Requirements

Students who work with Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie’s materials can meet many of the requirements for English 10-12.

Atlantic Canada Curriculum
English Language Arts
Grades 10-12

Connections to Overall Expectations

Competency 1: Speaking and Listening

Competency 2: Reading and Viewing

Select, read, and view a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts

  • select texts to support the learning needs and range of special interests
  • demonstrate an understanding of impact literary devices and media techniques have on shaping the understanding of a text
  • Develop research and organizational strategies for working with information

Interpret, select, and combine information using strategies, resources, and technologies

  • access, select, and research, in systematic ways, specific information to meet personal and individual learning needs
  • use the electronic network
  • evaluate research processes

Respond personally to a range of texts

  • make connections between the ideas and information presented in literary and media texts and thier own experiences
  • make informed personal responses to increasingly challenging print and media texts and reflect on their own responses

Respond critically to a range of texts, applying their understanding of language, form, and genre

  • examine different aspects of texts that contribute to meaning and effect
  • recognize the use and impact of specific literary and media devices

Competency 3: Writing and Representing

Use a range of strategies to develop effective writing and other ways of representing to enhance clarity, precision, and effectiveness

  • integrate information from many sources to construct and communicate meaning
  • demonstrate an awareness of what writing/representation processes and presentation strategies work for in relation to audience and purpose


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