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Prizes and Publications

Look for the Poetry Prompt Prize coming back in October! Every month you'll have the chance to win $100 by writing to the month's prompt. Get a head start with our sneak peek at October's prompt: Write a letter 


Poetry Prompt Prize

Starting October 4 we will open submissions for the Voices/Voix journal and the Poetry Prompt Prize. Every month you'll have until the last day of the month to submit your poem! All poems submitted will also be automatically considered for publication in Voices/Voix, for which you could earn another $50! All winning poems will be published in Voices/Voix.

Journal Submissions

Not feeling the prompt this month? You can submit poems for general consideration anytime to Voices/Voix until April 28, 2023, as long as your poem is either a response poem to a poem in our anthology, a poem based on one of our writing prompts, or a poem in response to a classroom visit. You must be a Canadian student in grades 7-12 or CEGEP, 18 years old or younger by September 30, 2023. We pay $50 for each poem published in our journal. We will open up submissions to our journal on October 4th, 2022. There's no limit to how many times you can submit!


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