Why Recite?

With Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie, students:

  • build confidence that lasts a lifetime.
  • broaden their understanding of the beauty of language and literature.
  • refine their public speaking and memorization skills.
  • build a shared appreciation for the rich canon of English and French poetic traditions.

Students can choose to participate as individuals in our National Contests or join forces with friends to enter our Team Regionals. They select classic and contemporary poems to commit to memory, hone their recitation skills, and compete for over $75,000 in travel and prizes!



National Finals Recitations

Recitation Tips

”Every culture we know has some form of poetry. Poetry matters to us as human beings because it is deeply engraved in our DNA. Poetry In Voice has become a cultural force in Canada. The poems students memorize will be with them all their lives.”



Les moments forts de la grande finale 2017

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