This year, students who send their poems into the journal will also be eligible to apply to FutureVerse, an all-expenses paid 4 day poetry intensive in Calgary! This brand-new program will give students the opportunity to work with well known authors, publishers, and activists as students work on developing their unique voices.  For a year after FutureVerse, participants will also meet online to continue sharing, developing, and growing as writers.  Simply submitting an original poem to the journal is the first step in the application process. Shortlisted students will be contacted about the next steps.

16 students in all will be selected from across Canada to partake in FutureVerse. Along with the 9 reciters selected to compete in National Finals, they will participate in an immersive poetic experience. Submit your poem for a chance to join us on this life changing adventure!

FAQs about FutureVerse

How are students chosen?
Students who send in their poems to the Poetry Prompt Prize and/or the Voices/Voix journal are automatically considered for FutureVerse. The Voices/Voix Journal editor shortlists top poems and sends them to the Poetry In Voice team. Those selected poets are then sent an application form to fill out and return to Poetry In Voice.

When do you find out if you’ve been selected?
We will announce all FutureVerse participants on March 23, 2023

When and where will FutureVerse take place?
The first ever FutureVerse intensive will take place from April 17 2023 to April 21 2023 in Calgary. For a year following the FutureVerse intensive, participants will meet online to continue sharing, developing, and growing as writers.

What kind of stuff will students do at FutureVerse?
Students will get to take part in writing workshops on subjects like mental health and addiction, eco poetics and activism, Indigenous literature and decolonizing poetry, publishing and professionalization. Celebrated and award-winning authors such as Bertrand Bickersteth, Rita Wong, Wakefield Brewster, and Kaitlyn Purcell will lead students in workshops, talks, and poetry-related activities that will ignite all the poetic possibilities in your life. Think nature walks, poetry hunts, cabarets, and more!

How many times can I apply?
You can send in as many poems as you like to the Voices/Voix journal. Each poem will be considered on its merit and can lead to a potential shortlist.

I still have questions, who do I ask?
You can contact our Creative Director, Sarah Tsiang: sarah@poetryinvoice.ca

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