Students who send their poems into the journal will also be eligible to apply to FutureVerse, an all-expenses paid 4 day poetry intensive in Ottawa! This program will give students the opportunity to work with well known authors, publishers, and activists as students work on developing their unique voices.  For a year after FutureVerse, participants will also meet online to continue sharing, developing, and growing as writers.  Simply submitting an original poem to the journal is the first step in the application process. Shortlisted students will be contacted about the next steps.

16 students in all will be selected from across Canada to partake in FutureVerse. Along with the 9 reciters selected to compete in National Finals, they will participate in an immersive poetic experience. Submit your poem for a chance to join us on this life changing adventure!

Our first FutureVerse event in April 2023 was a resounding success. Here’s a little of what students had to say about the experience:

“This week has truly been one of the best weeks of my life and I’m so so grateful for the experience. The planning and all the workshops and activities were superb”

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will forever cherish. I enjoyed every workshop and activity. Alongside making deep connections with others that are passionate about poetry (both other students and organizers/workshop leaders), I also feel that I grew a lot as a poet technically. The diversity, reading, and preparing work for publication workshops were the most significant for me in terms of growth, perspective change, and/or inspiration.”

“It was perhaps one of the best weeks of my life. I had never been surrounded by so many like-minded artists and had never felt so at home then with everyone there.”

“The experience was truly life-changing. I met some of the most brilliant, well-spoken, and genuine people I had ever come across. Every single staff member was so kind and lovely. It was an unforgettable experience.”

FAQs about FutureVerse

How are students chosen?

Students who send in their poems to the Poetry Prompt Prize and/or the Voices/Voix journal are automatically considered for FutureVerse. The Voices/Voix Journal editor shortlists top poems and sends them to the Poetry In Voice team. Those selected poets are then sent an application form to fill out and return to Poetry In Voice.

When do you find out if you’ve been selected?

We will announce the shortlist of FutureVerse participants on March 14, 2024 and the final participants on March 22, 2024

When and where will FutureVerse take place?

This year’s FutureVerse intensive will take place from April 21 2024 to April 25 2024 in Ottawa. For a year following the FutureVerse intensive, participants will meet online to continue sharing, developing, and growing as writers.

What kind of stuff will students do at FutureVerse?

Students will get to take part in writing workshops on subjects like mental health and addiction, eco poetics and activism, Indigenous literature and decolonizing poetry, publishing and professionalization. Here are some 2024 workshop highlights: 

  • Chasse-Galerie Poetry Hunt! In this morning activity, students will form bilingual teams to explore Ottawa. They'll search for poets, poetry, and poetic events. It's a unique, fun way to discover the city's cultural offerings.

  • Indigenous Learning and Creation. The day begins with an Indigenous walk led by Jaime Morse. Students will then enjoy frybread tacos for lunch, courtesy of Four Nothing. Post-lunch, they'll collaborate with renowned Cree & Metis poet Tyler Pennock to craft a centos poem from Indigenous poets’ works. The session concludes with students publishing their centos via silk screening at Nordic Lab, located in the Annie Pootoogook Studio at the SAW center.

  • Yoga and Poetry. Brenda Leifso, a poet, publisher, and yoga instructor, will guide students through a session that merges yoga and poetry. This experience aims to rejuvenate students and inspire them to find poetry within their own bodies.

  • “Poetry During a Time of Eco Crisis” Panel Discussion. A bilingual panel featuring Susan Musgrave, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Chloé Savoie-Bernard, and Marie-Célie Agnant will discuss the role of poetry in our current environmental crisis. Their conversation will focus on the impact of poetry in a changing world and how it can contribute to positive transformation.

  • FutureVerse Public Reading. Following an intensive series of workshops and writing sessions, our students will take the stage to share their poetry with an audience.

How many times can I apply?

You can send in as many poems as you like to the Voices/Voix journal. Each poem will be considered on its merit and can lead to a potential shortlist.

I still have questions, who do I ask?

You can contact our Creative Director, Sarah Tsiang: sarah@poetryinvoice.ca

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