Do the impossible

people jumping from a tower with random numbers

What do you imagine is impossible?

  1. Take a moment and make a list of all the impossible things you’d like to do or see happen, both every day, regular-world impossible things, and the most strange, imaginary, out-of-this-world impossible things. Big impossible things like owning an acre of Time and smaller impossible things like filling a pail with Time (because time is both a landform and a liquid!).
  2. Look your list over. Which is the most interestingly impossible?
  3. Write a numbered set of instructions on how to make that impossible possible.

Note: The instructional, or what is sometimes called a Georgic, after the book of that name by the Roman poet Virgil, is one of the classic poetic genres. The instructional is about bringing something into being in a sensible, methodical manner. Like Virgil, I think it’s sensible to bring imaginary things into being.

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