Poetry of Resistance

A Poetry Mixtape Edited by Ashley Obscura

Ashley's Liner Notes

In "Poetry of Resistance" I have curated a selection of poems that I feel demonstrate the theme of resistance within contemporary poetry, particularly from BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities. Compiling profound work from poets, this mixtape establishes the poetic form as a powerful and effective tool of self-affirmation, belonging and resilience.

In this collection, you will find not a call to arms, but a call to open arms. In it, we can collectively wonder: how can we fight back with words, and how can those words hold space for us, our communities, families and the world at large? How can we resist the ills of the world by leaning deeper into our humanity and into peace with one another, fully embracing our unique flaws, our love for each other, love for the land, for our ancestors and for the complicated and nuanced lives we face daily? I feel that these poems offer a space for this kind of positive resistance, pushing back against anything and everything that holds us apart from being anything other than who we are. To live authentically. To be brave. To create a world through poetry that returns our embrace.

For me, resistance is rooted in our need for a sense of belonging in and to the world, and that we should always resist anything that attempts to separate us from our own and each other’s humanity. These poems illustrate the bravery it requires to take up space in this world, and are especially indicative of how important this kind of labour is in our society. My hope is that this collection helps expand your understanding of what resistance is and can look like, and that you can find inspiration and a source of inner power through these poems to be who you are and continue to fight (with words) for the world you want to be a part of. May these poems ignite you.

In the words of Ada Limon (a poem included in this collection):


Here it is:

the new way of living with the world
inside of us so we cannot lose it,
and we cannot be lost. You and me,
are us and them, and it and sky.

-Ashley Obscura


The Poems

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