Color Piece

Visual world not exactly shaped –

Sense of smell, anticipation, senses that

are not exactly shaped —

Dark shadows casted —

Rat colors with faint hairly smells and pale

dark spots like those on a transparent sheet

of celluloid —

Rose color with a glitter and softness that

is cool and motional —

The kind of color that does exist by

itself but only when it is casted between

two moving objects —

The color like a remaining stain of illusion

on a moving object —

The color that only happens when movements

cut the air in a certain way and go immediately.

Use such color to tint your absent thoughts.

Have absent thoughts for a long time.



1964 summer

Bibliographical info
Yoko Ono, “Color Piece” from Grapefruit. Copyright renewed © 1998 by Yoko Ono. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. 
Source: Grapefruit (SIMON & SCHUSTER, 1998)
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