One fish, Two fish, Plastics, Dead fish

recycling Dr. Seuss


Some fish are sold for sashimi,

some are sold to canneries,

and some are caught by hungry slaves

to feed what wealthy tourists crave!


Farmed fish, Fish sticks, Frankenfish, Collapse


From the Pacific to the Atlantic,

from the Indian to the Arctic,

from here to there,

dead zones are everywhere!


Overfishing, Purse seine, Ghost fishing, Bycatch


This one has a little radiation.

This one has a little mercury.

0 me! 0 my! What schools

of bloated fish float by!


Here are fish that used to spawn, but now the water is too warm


Some are predators and some are prey,

Who will survive? I can’t say.

Say! Look at its tumors! One, two, three ...

How many tumors do you see?


Two fish, One fish, Filet-o-Fish, No fish

Bibliographical info

Craig Santos Perez, “One fish, Two fish, Plastics, Dead fish” from Habitat threshold. Copyright © 2020 by Craig Santos Perez. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Source: Habitat threshold (Omnidawn Publishing, 2020)



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