Underworld Lit

Srikanth Reddy


Please print clearly and remember your name.


1) The river of fire, in ancient Greek thanatopography, feeds into the river of _____________.


2) From the river of pain spring two rivers—the river of _____________ and the river of _____________.


3) The river of _____________ runs a separate course entirely, concealed inside the Greek word for truth.


4) At the sight of sinners approaching, the _____________ seethes “like butter in a frying pan.”


5) _____________ is the Sanskrit river of ash.


6) As the sun god Ra floats down the river of the hidden chamber, his head is exchanged for that of a _____________.


7) Those for whom much lamentation is made find the _____________ swollen with tears and difficult to cross.


8) To our knowledge, the river of _____________ has no name.

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Source: Underworld Lit (Wave Books, 2020)
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