About me

I'm a native New Yorker who studied Blake, Keats, Shakespeare, the Lake poets, and of course TS Eliot, so it's no surprise that I moved to the UK after graduating from Vassar. I've lived in London and had a career in NY and London as an advertising copywriter -- many poets have made their living this way. I'm lucky to be living in Cornwall now, in the southwest of the UK. I've taught at Falmouth University for 15 years and written several collections of poetry, as well as short stories. I'm a tutor with Poetry School London, which runs Seminars across the UK. Mine is in Penzance. I've been leading a Seminar there for 9 years, and I learn so much from each person on the Seminar. Teaching is a great way to help me understand what I thought I knew! I'm very influenced by 'place'. For me, the inner landscape and the outer are deeply connected, and can spark great poetry. Three years ago, I had an idea for an app which would pinpoint the places across the UK and Ireland that have inspired poets. Fortunately, I had a student who knew a fantastic developer, and we worked together, virtually, to create Words in Air: Poetry in Place. It works wherever you are in the world, but you do need an iPhone or an iPad. We're just updating it this week to include 7 of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets, since the anniversary of his birth (and death) is coming up on 23 April. I'm published by Shearsman Books, and currently I'm putting together a New & Selected collection. That's me for now!

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