Medusa’s Revenge.

Long tentacles slide along the wooden floor.

A look of fear shows in your eyes.

Her green wide eyes, glaring at you with a sudden smile.

Sweat drips down your body.


A forbidden affair ended so terribly.

Once a beautiful woman.

How could something go so wrong?

A curse was what she deserved.

Or was it the right move?

Blood-curdling sharp teeth with an extended long tongue.

Afraid to look her in the eye.

A horrible pang of jealousy.

The aftermath of such a fair maiden.

Seduced by strong Poseidon in the Temple of Athena.

A small smirk takes over her smile.

Trying to slip away.

Please. Stop.

Snakes gather on you.

Slithering on top of you.

Gasping for air.

A forbidden relationship.

Ended so terribly.

Black. Nothing. You're gone.

October 2021 Prize Winner!

This poem won the Poetry Prompt Prize for October 2021. It is inspired by Annick MacAskill’s writing prompt “Re-write a fable or myth”.

Through evocative language that grips, Aarani Yogeshwaran’s “Medusa’s Revenge” gives satisfaction to all those who sympathize with the unjustly cursed woman.

— Therese Estacion, 2022 Voices/Voix Journal Editor

Aarani Yogeshwaran

Grade: 9 / Sec. III
Point Grey stəywəte:n̓ Secondary School
Vancouver, BC

“<div> This prompt influenced me because Medusa was cursed for having a love affair. I wanted to go deeper and write a poem about her revenge.</div> ”

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