Marketble (definition from Merriam-Webster)

a: fit to be offered for sale in a market

b: wanted by purchasers or employers : SALABLE
marketable securities
marketable skills

a: of or relating to buying or selling

you never actually cared until you could market me.
you never listened to my pleas because i could only pay the necessary fee
you never cared to hear me
until success was something that i could guarantee
so i spent years wading in unease
you never actually acknowledged that the way you allowed life to play out was wrong
not until i was valuable enough
your silence plagued years like a disease
you never actually cared until you could market me.
never spoke a word to me about the wrongs of the world
although you were told them
in pleas
it wasn’t until i left
that you expressed that i had value
to any degree
until i was recognised for what you had refused to see
you never really spoke with me
until you could market me

we aren’t friends now
i’m just too ahead now
to create foes
but if you think that you have any claim to anything that i’ve ever accomplished
you’re lying to yourself
and acting like a fool
you told me that i would do well on my own
which i already knew
because there was never any help from you.

A young woman looks at the camera

Caprice Strgar

Grade: 11 / Sec. V
Assumption College Catholic Middle School
Windsor, ON

“The inspiration for this poem stemmed from experiences that I've had in my life, particularly with past educators, in which many negative events occurred that they refused to acknowledge, because every decision that they made was the one with the greatest advantage for them and the advertisement of their school. I was never taken very seriously until I was accepted into a program that they believed I would be very successful in, and wanted to begin advertising my accomplishments.The frustration and conflicts that these situations created have manifested within this poem. Another situation that the poem discusses is the frequent issue where those who are not extremely financially comfortable and vocal about, are not taken as seriously or their voices not valued the same way. However, this poem is also about the internal growth from these experiences, and not nurturing bitterness, but establishing boundaries due to past situations. Additionally, and fundamentally, the meaning of this poem is how the value that others place on you affects the way that you value yourself, and the consequences of this, as well as the growth.”


Caprice Strgar is a grade 11 student currently residing in Southwestern Ontario. She writes poetry to express and convey messages that are important and meaningful to her. Her work often interweaves themes of identity, feminism, environmentalism, and trauma; however, she believes that they all centralise around the power of experience.

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