Celebrate a vowel

a person on a cliff with giant floating berries

New York–based poet Matthew Rohrer wants you to celebrate your favourite vowel. Try it!


The Vowel Poem”
What’s your favorite vowel?  Mine’s E. Pick your favorite vowel, and write a ten line poem in which every word uses that vowel. It doesn’t have to begin with that vowel, or even use it prominently (i.e. get it’s main “sound” from the vowel).  It just has to be in the word.
For instance, if I pick E, then I’ll write something like this:
Even the trees are asleep.
Bert examines the eerie
silence.  Beautiful sleeper
beside me – her peaceful face
slides behind her tresses.
We’re immobile, free.
Then Bert freaks.
Little feet delicately strafe the face.
Peace recedes.
The electric time:  five fourteen.


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