Focus on monosyllabics

a cargo ship and dominos

Award-winning poet Christian Bök wants you to focus up — or should I say down — to monosyllabics. Try it!


Write a short story (no more than 200 words) about any event of your choice, but do so, using only words of one syllable (none of which can exceed 5 letters in length) — perhaps something like this excerpt from Robinson Crusoe by Mary Godolphin:

When we had set sail but a few days, a squall of wind came on, and on the fifth night we sprang a leak. All hands were sent to the pumps, but we felt the ship groan in all her planks, and her beams quake from stem to stern; so that it was soon quite clear there was no hope for her, and that all we could do was to save our lives.

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