On the Boundaries of Treaty No. 6

commencing to the place of beginning;



in 1959 the South Saskatchewan river was dammed;

forever altering the boundary of Treaty no. 6;

such that it technically no longer exists;


westerly to the western limit, thence due west;


to the source;


it must also be noted that the treaty negotiations

did not include any discussion of water;

or mountains;

precisely those features chosen by the crown

to mark the boundaries of treaty;

making the boundaries a sort of negative space;


to the Athabasca, the Red Deer;

to the Buffalo;

Saskatchewan, the Beaver;

up against the stream to the Green Lake;

and to the Rocky Mountains;


(the semi-colon marks when a complete sentence is being added to;





ecologists speak of metaphorical n-dimensional objects

that define our niche;

abstract objects defining our abstract place in ecological space;

defined by what is around us;


on a course north-west, northerly, north-easterly, easterly, south-easterly, south;

to the junction, the elbow, the head, the mouth;

to the source and the place of beginning.



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