a girl between two dialects

still a screen and still a searching, learns

the season of breakup

another word for spring

can come before or after

depending on where you grew up

online, back and forth

a word in the mouth tumbles



                           birch-sapped june

                           season snow spotted

                           river melt



child again

wrists and creek bone

a river-girl

slick with mud

frost and word-melt

this poem takes place in her imagination

this poem takes place


miyoskamin me and you are s-kin

miyoskamin me and you are s-kin



in ohkoma’s language

where verbs never stand alone

a girl’s tongue curls nêhiyawêwin

into the nerves and walks from a room

to where miyoskamin returns

and ice          opens

Bibliographical info

“Breakup” by Selina Boan from Undoing Hours, Nightwood Editions, 2021,

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