I have so many now.

I have so many now.


There’s one where we were giants, playing with our size by falling over

houses and trees, laughing.


There’s another where I was racing the old ones in a game, and we stopped

at lodges to collect keys that were dangling from the saplings.


Yet another, where an elder gave me white noodles, to take to the fire – as

I approached it, I got so small that I could build my own house from the



And another – where an old nurse sat with me to tell me a story of her

youth growing up with a white man who refused to teach her things. So,

each night, she would free his horses. And the eagles would help her play

jokes on him.


And another, and another, and another…


No longer just one


But I’ll share those with you –


                                        in time

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Tyler Pennock, “I have so many now.” from Blood. Copyright © 2022 by Tyler Pennock. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. Source: Blood (Brick Books, 2022)

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