Afterwords : The Beauty That Lies Beside

Lesson Introduction

The whole purpose is to tear down whatever is cliché and words that don’t lead to a concept but to an overused social rule, by exposing the students to the concrete reality, to the truly scalable, sizeable and perceivable object, to cold, hard anchors, to breed candour and cynicism, and to outlining consequences rather than abstract and vague situations. Students are thus free to express sensations through metaphors, to cleverly mix up cause and consequences, to use non-verbal sentences and the infinitive form of the verb, to alternate between rhythm and off-rhythm, to experience with sound and tone variations, and to answer, through creation, to one of the most inherent questions to art: what is beauty?

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, students will have opportunities to:

  • Be exposed to the mechanisms that essentially make the metaphoric a complementary conception of the world and of language.
  • Handle the words at will to reflect the subjectivity of the perception leading to sensitivity to catalyze emotion.
  • Achieve creative writing punctuated by structure, rhythm and sound variations.
  • Acquire the skills that are needed to create compelling and original poetry, feeding the imagination and the continuous attention of the reader or the audience.

Materials and Resources

There is a list of Canadian Poets and Organizations attached to this Lesson Plan

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