Exploring Extended Metaphor and Irony through Rejection

Lesson Introduction

Many famous writers have stories about rejection letters. William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies was called “Rubbish & Dull. Pointless. Reject” in a note scrawled over the cover of his manuscript. About his novel, Moby Dick, Herman Melville was asked, “Does it have to be about a whale?”  In his poem, “Editing the Prairie”, Don Kerr uses an extended metaphor, making suggestions about improving the prairies as if they were a literary work. Students will produce poems using this as a model to understand extended metaphor and irony.

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, students will have opportunities to:

  • read, discuss and respond to a poem
  • explore extended metaphor and irony
  • write a poem that follows the structure of Don Kerr’s poem
  • peer edit poems
  • understand that even famous authors push through failure

Materials and Resources

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