Rap a Tap Tap – Expression through Music, Movement and Drama

Lesson Introduction

This lesson can be used for students ranging from Grades 1-6 (with modifications that apply to Kindergarten and Grades 7-8). It incorporates music, dance and movement, and drama with poetry to help students learn how to portray different emotions through various art forms. It also provides students with opportunities for working with others as well as self and peer reflection.

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, students will have an opportunity to:

  • Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.
  • Recognize a variety of text forms, text features and stylistic elements and demonstrate understanding of how they help communicate meaning.
  • Use knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.
  • Apply the creative process to create and perform music for a variety of purposes, using the elements and techniques of music; and to the composition of dance phrases, using the elements of dance to communicate feelings and ideas.
  • Apply the critical analysis process to communicate their feelings, ideas, and understandings in response to a variety of music and musical experiences, and dance pieces and experiences. 

The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8, Language, Ontario Ministry of Education and Training (2006)

Materials and Resources

To teach this lesson, you will need:

  • book: Rap a Tap Tap Here’s Bojangles – Think of That! by Leo and Diane Dillon
  • musical instruments (anything that is available - can be student made or store bought)
  • copy of book, PDF can be found on Google (unstapled so students can take their assigned pages with them when they are working in their small groups and presenting in the large group) 
  • open space to move 
  • optional: pieces of paper with musical elements on them – to be picked out of hat (Same can be done for emotions if you choose to carry out the extension lesson)

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