Spell Casting Through Ritual

Lesson Introduction

Using Poetry in Voice’s mixtape—Spell Casting Through Rituals—this lesson allows students to explore various expressions of sacredness found in this country, within their families, culture and themsevles. These activities aim to provide students with the space to, as Fernandes’ writes, “form a relationship with mystery.”


Learning Objectives

  • Strand B: Become aware of the various religious practices and beliefs found in Canada, and develop an appreciation of the diverse expressions of sacredness 
  • Strand C: Explore what it means to find meaning in life through the exploration of spirituality and various expressions of sacredness
  • Strand D: Explore the various teachings and tenets of different expressions of religiosity and sacredness

Materials and Resources

Raoul Fernandes’ mixtape: Spell Casting Through Rituals: https://poetryinvoice.ca/read/mixtapes/spell-casting-through-ritual

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