Using our Online Writing Workshop in the Classroom

Lesson Introduction

This lesson provides ideas for teachers and librarians who want to incorporate our month-long, online, poetry workshop into your classroom’s daily routine. Students will be building their own writer’s notebooks and experimenting with writing and sharing poetry under the guidance of Poetry In Voice Creative Director, Damian Rogers. You’ll find suggestions on how to use this online tool to inspire students to take risks and how to support and assess your students’ writing experiences without limiting the scope of their explorations. New writers are on a journey to becoming authors who are willing to share their own work; this lesson helps teachers support the process students will undertake, not the quality of the product at the end of the course.

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, students will have opportunities to:

  • Introduce students to the online Poetry In Voice Writing Workshop as a way to begin exploring lines and creative writing.
  • Connect students with opportunties to experiment in writing poetry with an emphasis on open-minded curiosity.
  • Have students use a writer's notebook to record their journey over a four week period as they learn different ways to engage in writing.
  • Create a nurturing and supportive communtiy of student writers who can share their work with each other and get feedback from poet Damian Rogers.
  • Have students reflect on their writing workshop experiences and to imagine what will be their next steps in continuing to build thier writing skills.

Materials and Resources

To teach this lesson, you will need:

  • Writer’s notebooks
  • computers or IPads
  • LCD projector
  • access to poetry books or online sources such as
  • collage materials: magazines, scissors, glue (optional)
  • Writing Workshop Reflections Sheet (handout)
  • Writing Workshop Checklist (handout)

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