The Smell of Night Air

Flowery and sweet for a time
Of day when flowers are closed
The chilly air fills my lungs whenever
I crack open the window at night

Most days I spend inside stuffy rooms
My entire waking hours
So I spend half an hour before I sleep
Sitting with my face pressed
Up against the window screen

Rinsing out my lungs with
Refreshing night air

On my perfect day I would go out with friends
We don’t have to do anything extraordinary
My favourite days are spent biking with friends

I’ve started trying to improve my everyday life
Trying to bring elements of my perfect day
Into every single day and rework
My rigid schedules

I have no idea where to begin
And I think I’m not alone in this either
I am willing to try starting with cracking a window
To let the cold night air in

Head shot of a young man

Thomas Li

Grade: 10 / Sec. IV
St. George's School
Vancouver, BC

“In this poem, I reflect on the mundane routine of my daily life. While studying in my room or at school, I often feel trapped inside, and crave the freshness of the night air and the freedom of biking around my city. The simple act of breathing in the cold night air always refreshes me. ”


Thomas Li is a grade 10 student from Vancouver. He is a serial innovator and maker at heart. His interest in poetry stems from his goal to support others' mental health through artistic expression. He's driven by his interests and personal experiences, and his poems are a reflection of that.

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