From all you can is the best you can

i once shoved my foot through glass

getting to know my own anger


its patches of stupid

bloody love


stress is just a socially acceptable

word for fear


i’m ashamed of feeling too much


river edges like a cut

of laughter


left too long in the sun, a bloated

syringe of time between our kneecaps


i know you want

the piece of the story


that is clandestine

but i won’t give it to you


& i’m not sorry

undo word after word


that tumbles out a sidewalk

undo textbooks


the science that renders

us invisible


undo your own heart, pull each vein

like unthreading a needle


hope is half-sung nêhiyawêwin

in a packed classroom


beading my cousin

a bolo in lime green


remember, love, we can

draw from all directions


of time, we can hover & gut

ourselves into new stories


be sad & not sad

about it all

Bibliographical info

“all you can do is the best you can” by Selina Boan from Undoing Hours, Nightwood Editions, 2021,

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