area boys

brash talk on sidewalk

brethren to irreverence

short teeth long stories




aspirations high

rolling tape decks tweeters six

by nine speakers deep




joyride profiles boom

down sto:lo street thump lean ass

out brwrwaa car window




ancient customs scratch

custom stereos banghra

remix jacks be real


check out the story to the

glory of the real estate




front stairs bringing down

property value this skin

a cost we bear loud


to three generation base-

ment epithets we remain


true some of you gon'

die on these streets before you

ask what's under them

Bibliographical info

Hari Alluri, "area boys," from Carving Ashes. Copyright © 2013 by Hari Alluri. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Source: Carving Ashes (CiCAC/Thompson Rivers Press, 2013)

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