Claim Laid

This is a prayer for the dead and dying - 

and those that may never know a life on the outside





I hope your sins don’t meet you at your grave - 

grinning like a toothy menace - 

I hope there’s a twitch before they pounce


I hope your family knows it’s okay to reconcile what you’ve done

with what you mean to them 

But also okay not to - 

if it gives them peace 



I hope traffic and trains never rattle over your final resting place

to shake your bones to dust a little sooner


But most of all 



I hope sagebrush bursts through your cedarwood coffin

and Eagle carries you home to Creator 

I hope Thunderbird screams your name

and Coyote howls a lament for your spirit’s journey 



We will keep the fire burning for you 


to light your way home 

Bibliographical info

Justene Dion-Glowa, "Claim Laid" from Trailer Park Shakes. Copyright © 2022 by Justene Dion-Glowa. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. Source: Trailer Park Shakes (Brick Books, 2022)

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