the second time

i ask mama

about residential school

she says no


i ask her again

she says no


the third time


i stop listen

to her silence


ask about her diabetes

her hip achy back


her sore knees

did she get her hearing aid fixed


whether she thinks it will rain tomorrow

mama talks about all this


says i'm not too good my girl

my sugar is too high


arthritis acting up that damn doctor

won’t give me any more pain pills


this hearing aid is shit

and the rain


the rain hurts

my girl


i listen to her talk

back words slow


fill her cup

with tea

Bibliographical info

Rosanna Deerchild, “the second time” from calling down the sky. Copyright © 2015 by Rosanna Deerchild. Reprinted by permission of BookLand Press.

Source: calling down the sky (BookLand Press, 2015)

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