To Windrim or sycamore

           rustle cicada or bark and to Wayne

           to rustle and psoas and psoas to Belmont and Germantown hills

hills as to nearer Plateau as to Central and whisper wall Indian

summer to sleeves or the sleeveless groin as to forward

and dog shit and Cliveden to Wieland the whispering creek

as to Windrim

or mounting as Chestnut to backslid

the Juniper Schuylkill

           to boulder the pound to clover mite

vernal or rake as to tendon

exhaust of to Windrim and spare Wissahickon

of interval granite of peppers of salt-meat of bread

viney cicada         of futures and snowdrift and headlit black sycamore

           peel as to epic and Eakins to whisper to row

           and rape and Windrim to six and of rape and of rocks and of East

the Ursa the middle or buckle and Olney

           of hat

as stone                circuit to Windrim or edge as to pace

as to vise              the falls


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Simone White's “Windrim” from Of Being Dispersed. Copyright © 2016 by Simone White. Used with permission of Futurebooks. All rights reserved.

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