this job hates me

             this job wouldn’t make me feel so shitty if it didn’t

i’m nothing but nice to this job

but when this job is done with me it always sneaks out while

i’m still sleeping

              this job

wears too much cologne and i reek of it when i come home

and my girlfnend makes me shower before I can get close to


this job is full of work friends that you only text to see if

they can switch shifts

that you drink with at staff parties but don’t go out of your

way to say hi to

when you see outside of this job

this job will break your heart without a second thought and

get a brand new you

this job is too easy

i'm too comfortable around this job

this job is a labyrinth of cubicles and angry customers

who take the frustrations of their garbage lives out on you as

you smile politely

because they know you can’t respond how you’d like to

because this job is always watching you

this job eats days

this job never lets me do what i want to do

i’m worried this job will be the death of me

that i’ll be old and pathetic and sad and make other people sad

            this job will make an example out of me

there is a strict ban on ambition at this job

i blame so much on this job

i used to adore this job

was so stoked to have this job

tried to get my friends to work here

i still count myself as lucky to have a job like this

but i need more than this job

this job is just fine

this job is your high school punk band playing to 

two hundred kids at a rec center in the suburbs


now what else

what’s next

this job is no magic eight ball

this job is a golden calf disguised

as a mechanical fortuneteller

and if you’re not careful it’ll age you over night

it wont be long before we start swallowing our watches in

an attempt at acquiring a taste for time travel

Bibliographical info

Spencer Butt, "WRK" from Slouching the Dream. Copyright © 2016 by Spencer Butt. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.

Source: Slouching the Dream (Spencer Butt / Now or Never Publishing, 2016)


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