Poetic Resilience

Lesson Introduction

What is poetry’s superpower?  Its ability to save, heal and empower those who are drawn to its possibilities. In this lesson students will listen to Nehiyaw, Dené and Métis spoken word artist Zoey Roy’s personal account of how poetry has shaped her life.  They will reflect on their own stresses or frustrations they face and the outlets they choose to help let go and heal.  The second part of the lesson will be an opportunity to explore other Indigenous poets in the PIV anthology and their motivations for writing.  They will research and present their findings to the class.

Learning Objectives

Students will have the opportunity to:

Read works by several different Indigenous poets

Understand reasons why someone might write poetry

Appreciate the potential power of healing through poetry

Interpret the emotion of a poem

Work collaboratively to research and recite a poem


Materials and Resources

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