a good day

it was very sad the day we heard that dad would die but it was

also fun because all my friends came over and we went driving

in the blue Toyota that kelly’s sister terry drove

and i was the center of attention

it was a day like a movie of the week


my dad is buried in kelowna with a great view of the golf

course especially chosen for him by the graveyard worker who

knew his voice from the radio


my brother has been running from my father to the Father for

almost half our lives         but i am on the honour roll and that’s

a great relief once my dad cried and said he loved me

on a good day i believe that’s true


the last time we got drunk together i was 17 and dad took me

to big white         i met this one legged vietnam vet there for

the slalom exhibition          we left about 1 am dad in his shit

kickers down the fresh snow incline and he wipe out so i

went behind to catch

all 205 lbs if he fell again and i wiped out taking him with me

he said i won’t tell mom if you don’t

the next day his bones sure hurt


we often laugh about that

like the time when he almost died in calgary instead of


mj racing to the rockyview dad hanging out the window trying

to breathe

and liz in the back seat says     big poppa i had to go to

emergency when i got a pussy willow up my nose

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Nancy Jo Cullen's "a good day" Copyright © 2002 by Nancy Jo Cullen.

Source "a good day" from Science Fiction Saints (Frontenac House, 2002). Reprinted by permission of the publisher.



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