Internet Safety

My dad taught me to never give out my real name, age,

address, or photos. This seemed obvious to me. My fake

birthday entry was always my crush's birthday plus a

random year from the early 1900s. I spent hours making

my avatars look like everything, anything but myself. It

didn’t matter how people (mis)pronounced my name, how

young I was, how squinty my eyes were. I can't remember

my crush's birthday anymore. He was a Gemini, but that

doesn't help enough. According to my fake birthday, I'm

dead, anyway.

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Sennah Yee, “Internet Safety” from How Do I Look? Copyright © 2017 by Sennah Yee. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.

Source: How Do I Look (Sennah Yee / Metatron Press, 2017)

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