world shapers

creation stories are lullabies for grown-ups

they remind us of all the possible ways & means

that worlds can be born

& humans come to be


tricksters & goddesses

fire & water

the one god, or all of the gods

working as a team






there is no end to the doing & the undoing

of our creators

they have imagined us over & over & over

recreating us & recreating our world on a whim


there is no end to us, humans, either

we keep re-inventing the cosmos & fighting

one anothers’ visions

with killing hands


we have our feast times

& our fast times

our celebrations & our long days & nights

of lament


& yet we are not powerless, we adults, we humans

we reinvent, we shape and reshape the world, every

single day

Bibliographical info

Joanne Arnott, “world shapers” from W’daub Awae = Speaking True. Copyright © 2010 by Joanne Arnott. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Source: W’daub Awae = Speaking True (Kegedonce Press, 2010)

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