confirmation bias

at least in our waking life

most commemoration

doubles as force


since even

the most benign

zodiacal conceptions

are tinged eurocentric


when brown women die

who is specifically responsible

for the eroticization

of our deaths?


this is not a walking



not an endorsement

of escape


or even

getting to the source


with eyes closed

involve yourself

with the idea



that you once watched

       someone you love

try to light their cigarette

with a usb stick

              and did nothing

              to intervene


following this memory

you’ve learned to triple check

fire sources and their

adjacent damage


             if you set an object on fire in the poem

             the poem rewards you by becoming deep


             if you set yourself on fire in the poem

             the poem rewards you for becoming the light


             when you become the light

             the poem says



             good job


             you’ve become

             the light

Bibliographical info

Ivanna Baranova, "confirmation bias". Copyright © by Ivanna Baranova. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. 

Source: CONFIRMATION BIAS (Metatron Press, 2019)


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