Harmony with all of you

the task given to me when all

the ice had melted was to

welcome the sky people to

the river and to show them

how to fish and how to

build a fire to warm


I moved on and came across

another doctor who did not like

the way I had created the sky

people and so this doctor

turned two of them into rocks

and he picked them up and threw

them into the sky and I

watched the rocks forever

as they never came back

down and the doctor told me

that with gifts comes

punishment for those

who do not listen.

in the past I have walked

into cities that have the

remnants of the sky people

and these poor beings

hang on to the dream of

one day returning home

but they have been punished

and abused by the world

they now live in and they

drink and drink

and smoke and smoke

until the rocks fall.

as I leave this time I

sometimes go into the forest

searching for the spirits

who are only known by

their myths and they become

carved masks and sit

on a wall in a place

that no longer knows

who they were.

and now I am back in the

sky and I look up and see

a rock coming right at me

and it passes through me

and I shudder and cry

as the rock turns into dust

that falls on the city

below and covers the sky people

as they fade to a page in a

history book about a once

great people who lived

on the river

and took fish and built

great fires to warm

the doctor who has now

turned himself

into a rock

and the sky people

throw him

into the river






Bibliographical info

Joseph Dandurand, "Harmony with all of you". Copyright © 2023 by Joseph Dandurand. Source: CV2/Prairie Fire. Printed by permission of the author.

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