Turtle Island Poem Number Fourteen

once i left turtle island and i

rejoined la and doubleU and see

to savai‘i on a hunting trip

on the fairy from upolu

la picked up a day trick

blew him during lunch

on the beach under a tree

in front of some australian girls

and an old couple from germany

who politely ignored us

while doubleU and see and i

made afternoon conversation

when we got to la's beach house

that night la wanted us

to share her trick like a joint

there was nearly an argument

but doubleU and i took the truck instead

and a case of beer, ‘ua ka se fia?

ka se fia? leai. leai. leai. sole!

met some fishermen

i set my sights on the one who

looked like tall samoan jesus

although the little lead fisherman chose me instead

at the beach house we played the game

of love, girls on our side

boys their side

la's day trick already

disappeared, at some point that night

la's aunt and girl cousin dropped by

and la pushed me and my two fishermen

into one of the darkened bedrooms

we made love silently the three of us

while la talked loudly in the kitchen

with his aunt and cousin

when the kinswomen left

la and doubleU came in to comment

on my lovemaking performance like film critics

i smiled but they took jesus away

that's when i realized the little fisherman

who stayed sending them off

was the most



     i'd ever met, some times

it takes a while

to realize this about



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From Coconut Milk by Dan Taulapapa McMullin © 2013 The Arizona Board of Regents. Reprinted by permission of the University of Arizona Press. 

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