Lesson Introduction

Belonging is a feeling we all seek. The questions: How do we belong? Where do we belong? Who makes us feel like we belong? What do we need to remember and what made us forget? Where and what is home? are important questions that we encounter at different times in our lives. Through poetry and writing we can allow ourselves to reflect on questions regarding belonging and begin to express our desires for acceptance and the search of the self.


Learning Objectives

  • Read and explore poems that express the concept and feelings of belonging, ambivalence and acceptance
  • Identify themes often found in poetry such as: conflict, ambivalence, tension and release
  • Write poems that reflect one’s sense of belonging   
  • Become familiar and develop an interest in Indigenous poets and their poetry
  • Become familiar and develop an interest in poems about diasporas


Materials and Resources

Mind Set and Group Exploration Day 1

  • Canada C3 videos:



Mind Set and Group Exploration Day 2


Group and Partner Exploration



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